About Us

Welcome to Pleasant Valley Propagators - all locally grown plants!

It started with splitting bushes and perennials to share with friends and family. What began as a humble backyard hobby has grown into something more.

Driven by a love for gardening, we ventured into offering plants on Facebook and now right here on our website. Each plant you find here has been nurtured with care, most starting from just a small cutting.

God's creation is full of wonder and provides us with so many blessings! Our mission is to share our appreciation and passion for homegrown plants with you, helping you bring a touch of green (and purple, pink, white, red, chartreuse, yellow...) into your space.


At PV Propagators, we value simplicity and authenticity. That's why we operate on a "cash is king" policy. We accept cash as the primary mode of payment for all our products.

We believe that dealing in cash helps us stay true to our roots and ensures that our focus remains on what truly matters - the plants and the community that shares our love for them.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to sharing the beauty of homegrown plants with you!